Copenhagen’s ‘Enids’ release new EP ‘Worriers’

I think you could argue that there’s certainly not a dearth of womxn in bands. Despite what a lot of mainstream festival line-ups would suggest. I find it hard to keep up with the amount of amazing music I get sent or find from trawling community groups. It’s there, you’ve just got to look for it, with your eyes, Darryl. FFS. ‘Enids’ came to the … Continue reading Copenhagen’s ‘Enids’ release new EP ‘Worriers’


Brighton’s ‘Winter Gardens’ sign to Austerity Records

New independent label ‘Austerity Records’ have signed their first artist, ‘Winter Gardens’, a four piece from Brighton. Taking influence from 80’s post-punk, Factory, Postcard, 4AD, Creation era bands, Winter Gardens have developed their own ‘dream punk’ sound, all the ethereal haze of shoegaze and dream pop with the energy of punk. Over the past six months Winter Gardens have managed to secure support slots for … Continue reading Brighton’s ‘Winter Gardens’ sign to Austerity Records