An image of Maryjo Mattea and her band

Maryjo Mattea: Forces of Nature – single premiere

‘Forces of Nature’ landed in my inbox a few weeks ago. I found Maryjo Mattea though the ‘Loud Women’ group on Facebook, which supports women in music. The ‘Loud Women’ movement has begun to spread state-side, as well as down under, so I was delighted to pick up something brand new and have the chance to be the first to write about it. What hits … Continue reading Maryjo Mattea: Forces of Nature – single premiere

Three Fierce Feminist Factions

Review by Jas Robinson?(from The?Baby?Seals) With the Christmas party season firmly behind us, it’s safe to say that January is a difficult month to get right. Resolutions are at risk of being broken and that person you promised yourself you’d become hasn’t yet materialised. But, you know what? Fuck that. Use these three compilation albums to reassert yourself, KonMari the hell out of your music… Continue reading Three Fierce Feminist Factions

Copenhagen’s ‘Enids’ release new EP ‘Worriers’

I think you could argue that there’s certainly not a dearth of womxn in bands. Despite what a lot of mainstream festival line-ups would suggest. I find it hard to keep up with the amount of amazing music I get sent or find from trawling community groups. It’s there, you’ve just got to look for it, with your eyes, Darryl. FFS. ‘Enids’ came to the … Continue reading Copenhagen’s ‘Enids’ release new EP ‘Worriers’