An image of Maryjo Mattea and her band

Maryjo Mattea: Forces of Nature – single premiere

‘Forces of Nature’ landed in my inbox a few weeks ago. I found Maryjo Mattea though the ‘Loud Women’ group on Facebook, which supports women in music. The ‘Loud Women’ movement has begun to spread state-side, as well as down under, so I was delighted to pick up something brand new and have the chance to be the first to write about it.

What hits me initially is that the track has that real American pop-rock sound; not unlike the theme-tune to ‘The Big Bang Theory’, which seems only appropriate. Mattea explains that this “may very well be the only pop song inspired by astrophysics.” Mattea took influence when writing from Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s hit TV series, ‘Cosmos’.

A staple on the Washington DC music scene, Mattea has garnered fans comparing her tracks to Alanis Morissette, Liz Phair and Jenny Lewis. Surviving the Golden Age said of 2018 single ‘The Other Side’, that it was “reminiscent of Liz Phair, a mixture of grunge rock with pop sensibilities but with Maryjo Mattea’s powerful, unique voice.”

‘Forces of Nature’ opens with a country vibe, before the band comes crashing in mid-way through the first verse. The catchy middle eight wouldn’t sound out of place in a stadium. The chorus is cheerful yet thoughtful, provoking thoughts of existence in space. “All alone together, together we’re all alone.” The track then slides into that staccato way of echoing the main themes before sliding into an elegant and harmonious ending. It’s a well-written track, almost as if it was written by a music-writing robot.

Everything’s in its right place and it’ll be bouncing around your head for days after.

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