Dream Nails’ inclusivity vibe is the tonic we all need

Hey, you there, stop what you’re doing! Dream Nails, our favourite DIY punk witches, have put out a new, acoustic album. According to the band’s Bandcamp page ‘Take Up Space!’ is a “15-track album includes new songs ‘Jillian’, a punchline-filled banger about cult fitness coach Jillian Michaels; ‘Chirpse Degree Burns’ (Text Me Back) a pacey wailer in three-part harmony about being ghosted by a crush, and a stripped-back take on their landmark song ‘Deep Heat’ (about setting fire to Donald Trump’s dick).”

Recorded at Housman’s Bookshop in London on 12th September 2018, the songs on ‘Take Up Space’ are interspersed between the band’s chatter, contagious laughter and answers to audience questions.

The band have followed through, as always, with their commitment to inclusivity. Women and people with disabilities are often excluded from the live gig scene. Childcare commitments and a lack of accessible venues create barriers to large sections of society, leaving them missing out on experiencing live music. With the underground scene under threat from premise-closures and neighbour noise complaints, it’s time for feminism to fix the music scene. Daytime and acoustic gigs allow more people to experience live music. Dream Nails brought their youthful energy to Housman’s Bookshop and it’s time for others to follow-suit.

Get your copy of ‘Take Up Space!’ here.

Find Dream Nails on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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