Top 10 albums of 2018

  1. Charismatic Megafauna – Semi-Regular

Wacky London three-piece meld syncopation, synth and shopping all rolled up in a brain fart of anti-establishment zeal.  Probably not one for your Mum; an album to make you think on.

2. Colour Me Wednesday – Counting Pennies in the Afterlife

Sophomore album from West London DIY feminist punks.  Jangle pop tackling serious issues with aplomb. Turn ‘Sunriser’ up to eleven and say hello to your new earworm.

3. Dream Wife – Dream Wife

All hail Dream Wife and their self-titled debut album.  Art-prankers-turned-into-real-life-rock-n-rollers created an album on which every track is a hit single.  Major stanning ensues.

4. GUTTFULL – Tits and Nails

London sax-punk five-piece GUTTFULL’s debut album.  Packed with shouting, sarcasm and sass.  Do see them live if you can, you WON’T regret it.

5. The Menstrual Cramps – Free Bleedin’

Another debut album and what a delight.  It’s only the album The Spice Girls wish they’d written.  Witty, anthemic and inspiring, I’ve had it on repeat since its release.

6. Screaming Females – All at Once

Seventh album from the New Jersey threepiece.  I wish I had written single ‘I’ll Make You Sorry’ and have to avoid listening to it in the car in case I crash it with excitement.

7. She Makes War – Brace for Impact

Bristol-based multi-instrumentalist and visual artists Laura Kidd has crafted her fourth album with skill.  It’s a testament to her tenaciousness and a delight for the ears.  Absolute legend.

8. Sink Ya Teeth – Sink Ya Teeth

Everyone’s favourite Norwich two-piece have had a stellar year.  Minimalist, synthy, dancing electro – catchy AF.  I dare you not to dance to it.

9. The Spook School – Could It Be Different?

Edinburgh mental health and trans champions have crafted a pop masterpiece.  Fun, poignant and raucous; they’re your new best friends.

10. Wolf Girl – Every Now and Then

South London lo-fi pop-rockers have created this infectious homage to all things nineties in earnest.  It’s brave but cosy, tender and noisy.  Stick it on repeat, you won’t be sorry.

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