Hey there!

You made it! Here, to the first post on our brand spanking new website, Halopygian Music! We thought you’d like to know why on earth we exist… From experience, we know there are a ton of blogs and music mags out there on t’internet. However, there are only a handful who cover music made by non-white-cis-male acts. Most of them are covering the same old stuff and to be frank, it’s just boring (and unfair).

The team here at Halopygian Music have experience on the DIY scene, having shared the bill with Dream Nails, Colour Me Wednesday and The Menstrual Cramps. All of these acts have important things to say and we’re hoping we can amplify these important messages.

Inclusivity is the key for us here and it is important for our own musical journey to record the often unheard conversations we have gig venues. We also want to give you the tools to make your voice heard, make music, put on your own events and most importantly, take part in and enjoy live music.

We hope you enjoy our musings, reviews, recommendations, listicles, playlists and events. And be sure to contact us if you just want to chat or want us to cover your band, we’ll see what we can do.

Love, HM x

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