The DIY PUNK DATABASE is a one stop shop for all things DIY.  Putting on your first tour and not sure where to start?  Find contact details for promoters, venues, press, admin, labels, rehearsal and recording studios.  Even better, they only “intend to list promoters who aren’t racist, sexist, homophobic, or transphobic, and who work to make sure their gigs are as such too.”   I wish … Continue reading DIY PUNK DATABASE

Lido Pimienta signs to ANTI- Records – re-issues the award winning ‘La Papessa’ on vinyl

FEMINISTRY IS HERE exhibiter Lido Pimienta signed to ANTI- Records earlier this year.  December 7 saw the re-release of ‘La Papessa’, now on LP.  The Polaris Music Prize winner, dubbed “the future of Canadian rock and roll” by The Globe and Mail, should be incredibly proud of this earth shattering album.  It certainly deserves a re-release and you can now own a slice to add … Continue reading Lido Pimienta signs to ANTI- Records – re-issues the award winning ‘La Papessa’ on vinyl

The politics of my big bum

I have all these great chats with my girlfriends about our experiences of being a woman.  They are utterly tragic and hilarious in equal measure. I started writing because I wanted to share them.  So, why did I call my writing project Halopygian?  Google and spell check ask me: Did you mean: callipygian?  Well, kind of.  Callipygian is a rare adjective to mean ‘having well-shaped buttocks’, just … Continue reading The politics of my big bum

Bugeye release new single ‘Disco Dancer’

The ever sequinned Bugeye never fail to disappoint.  Their signature look of eyes painted onto eyes makes them look other worldly and empowering.  Latest offering, single ‘Disco Dancer’ is released today and it’s cracking! Produced by Paul Tipler (Idlewild, Placebo, Stereolab) this track does exactly what it says on the tin.  It’s reminiscent of that New York sound, like Chicks on Speed meets The Rapture.  … Continue reading Bugeye release new single ‘Disco Dancer’